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  1. Im looking to find some one local who knows about sailboats first and foremost placement of keel guide for my1975 san jaun 24 second any info on how ro launch my boat on rimrock dock space sailing lessons and stress crack fiberglass repair also any local spots to bu bottom paint i really want ro get my boat on the water somebody please respond

  2. Hi Ryan, Sorry for the late response. I just signed up for this forum. I would be happy to look at your boat and give you my advice (for what it is worth)(probably as much as it costs, $0). Doc Ludington has a San Juan 23 and it is out of the water. Maybe we can look at his and see what your issue is with the keel.
    Thanks, Don

    1. Sorry, we’re still configuring this web plugin and it isn’t notifying anyone when there is a post.

      My SJ 23 has a shoal keel with a retractable centerboard. It’s not the keel you are looking for, but you are welcome to come look at it if you wish.


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